This is a set of measures and works to form a comprehensive strategy for the development of a particular territory: residential and business quarters, areas for recreation and public leisure, the development of both new territories and work with existing urban fabrics.

Masterplan is a type of master plan for the development of territories, but with important features:
Involvement of interests of all players:
This type of design implies the involvement of the interests of all project players: developers, local municipalities, townspeople, architects, contractors, etc. Everyone has their own interests: developers want to increase profits, townspeople want to live and work in a comfortable, beautiful environment, architects - to implement the "dream" project, contractors - to build with less labor costs.
City and people
It is the masterplan that tries to systematize the needs of the city and people, while adhering to the ideology of a comfortable urban environment of the future, where each person feels care of himself
Territory context
The masterplan is based on social, geographical, political and other prerequisites, it does not consider a single site, but in combination with the surrounding context
Philosophy of the project
Based on the analysis of socio-economic, cultural and other contexts, the masterplan forms the fundamental values of the project, its philosophy, such as a courtyard without cars, a comfortable environment for everyone, barrier-free space, versatile zoning with a clear hierarchy.
General changes
On the one hand, the masterplan is focused on transformations in the future, but on the other hand, it will include a set of quick measures, thanks to which you can feel the improvement in the quality of life in the near future.
Data collection
Collecting data on the projected area and the surrounding context. A comprehensive study of historical, geographical, social prerequisites, features of the area is studied in order to formulate the basic values and needs of the future project
Analysis of the initial data of the territory, socio-cultural, historical, etc. context for understanding both the urban needs and the needs of the people who will use the given public space
Masterplan development
Development of the strategic development of the territory based on the priority technical and economic indicators. Implementation of phasing principles taking into account the interests of both developers and people
Explanatory material
Development of accompanying and explanatory materials (transport schemes, functional zoning, building typology, social infrastructure, etc.).

As a result, we get a product that meets the wishes and requirements of stakeholders, with high competitive capabilities in the modern market.
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