Commercial interiors

Commercial interior design is a complex of works to create a stylish, unique and functional space for any public object, such as shopping centers, shops, show rooms, pharmacies, cafes, restaurants, etc. The MANProject team specializes in the design and implementation of commercial interiors for various purposes and scales - from a small retail outlet to a hypermarket. A commercial interior should reflect the brand's philosophy, be on the same wavelength with its target audience, be comfortable and understandable, and most importantly, contribute to the effective work of the brand.
The initial design stage, which consists in creating the most detailed technical task with the participation of the owner
Planning solution
The effectiveness of an architectural solution is transmitted first of all through the professional zoning of the planning solution: even the smallest space, for example, a store or a show room, can work much more efficiently with competent zoning
Visualization of the main areas of retail space to form the primary image of the future interior. At this stage, it is necessary to determine the key style-forming elements that form the image and atmosphere of the space.
Preliminary design
On the basis of a previously agreed conceptual solution, visualization of all interior zones, discussion and coordination of options for finishing materials, lighting elements, furnishings, decor, style-forming elements, and so on
Architecture Work
Creation of a full-fledged album revealing all the technical features of the project for implementation.
Author's supervision
An important point in the implementation of interior design. The architect, who has previously been leading your project, goes directly to the object within a certain time to solve the questions and problems that have arisen during the construction, to monitor the accuracy of the implementation of the approved project.
Each commercial interior design is unique and requires an individual approach, carefully choosing materials, equipment, lighting, etc.
The MANProject team treats each task with great love and attention and creates unique designs for commercial interiors.
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