Territory development

This is a complex of works for the improvement of public and private areas such as parks, squares, residential yards, areas in front of trade, cultural, etc. centers. Competent, properly functioning and beautiful landscaping of the territory is an integral part of public spaces, which accumulate human flows, attract visitors and increase the traffic and interest in any architectural object.

The MANProject team designs public spaces convenient for visitors, which function correctly and in a balanced manner, while not requiring huge financial investments from the Customer. Nice and comfortable doesn't mean expensive. The projects for the improvement of urban areas that we have created have been successfully implemented in accordance with SNiPs and modern requirements of the urban environment.
The initial design stage, which consists in creating the most detailed technical task with the participation of the owner
Analysis of the initial data of the territory, socio-cultural, historical, etc. context for understanding both the urban needs and the needs of the people who will use the given public space
Market audit
Study of the existing market both on the territory of the Russian Federation and worldwide, in order to identify key trends in a given architectural segment.
Pre-design work
Based on the GPZU and all the restrictive features of the territory, identifying the boundaries of the building spot to calculate the technical and economic indicators of the future architectural object and create a master plan for the site, taking into account parking lots, landscaping, transport and social infrastructure
Architectural and urban planning concept
Creation of a visual and architectural image of public space improvement. Modern urban areas are diverse and multifunctional throughout the day, attract visitors of all social groups, therefore it is so important to think over various leisure scenarios for people of different ages, to take into account the peculiarities of people with disabilities.
Architecture Work
Development of a working project, which contains a detailed master plan, paving schemes, landscaping, lighting, equipment specifications, small architectural forms, and so on
We design a better world