Architectural design

Architectural design is a set of works to create a residential, public, cultural or other building from scratch, which determines not only the visual image of the future object, but also the features of functional zoning, creates an internal unique content.

The MANProject team has a unique long-term experience in the implementation of the most daring architectural ideas. The architectural objects of cultural, social and other directions created by us have been successfully implemented using energy-efficient, modern materials in accordance with SNiPs.
Providing by the customer the initial data on the land plot where the future object will be located.
The initial design stage, which consists in creating the most detailed technical task with the participation of the owner.
Market audit
Study of the existing market both on the territory of the Russian Federation and worldwide, in order to identify key trends in a given architectural segment.
Pre-design work
Based on the GPZU and all the restrictive features of the territory, identifying the boundaries of the building spot to calculate the technical and economic indicators of the future architectural object and create a master plan for the site, taking into account parking lots, landscaping, transport and social infrastructure
Architectural concept
On the basis of the master plan of the land plot, the creation of a visual-architectural image of the object. 3D visualizations of both general plans and detailed ones are being developed, recreating the atmospheric and stylistic direction of the architectural object.
Architectural and urban planning
Creation of an album in accordance with all the requirements for further coordination with local authorities
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